World Mental Health Day [Quick Reflection]

    I just learnt a few hours ago that today (10th of October) is World Mental Health Day. If I knew earlier, I’d have written a longer, more nuanced reflection but here we are.   As part social scientist, part storyteller, I encounter heartbreaking stories and realities almost every time I open a book…

Hopes and Fears at the Starting Line

But today, I want to reflect a little deeper on my hopes and fears for the year. I hope that by writing my hopes, I will dig deeper on my motivations and goals. I hope that by writing my fears, I will be vulnerable enough to acknowledge them and in so doing find ways to live with them and let others know they are not alone.

Writing Obsessions: Avocados

Fast forward to 2018 and I work with a great team at Nova Pioneer, an educational startup changing the way education is done in Africa. The office feels like home and the team feels like family. I’ve shared the joy of avocados with the team more that six times now. A colleague asked why I don’t sell the avocados to them and I joked, “I am just giving samples like a drug dealer, and soon you’ll all be hooked and I’ll start charging.” And just like any good joke, there’s a kernel of truth in this joke.