8.0: That Whole Eggs in The Same Basket Thingie

Source I doubt there’s a cliché more pervasive in the world of money than: do not put all your eggs in one basket. I’d also suspect it to be the most ignored piece of money advice— the basket in most cases being the monthly salary. Like any cliché, there is some truth to it, though…

4: Easy Come, Easy Go

In Gîkûyû we say kîa mwene kîrî ruo, which loosely translates to what belongs to the owner hurts. In other words, you feel it when what you’ve worked hard for goes to waste. Most of us learnt financial discipline from parents who valued the little they had because it literally took hours to make a hundred shillings, the equivalent of a dollar.

For the Millionth time, City Millennial Uninstalls Instagram for “The Last Time Ever” 

Saying it was about time the productivity train left the station, City Millennial seconds ago and for the “the last time ever” ditched Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app boasting billions of users and bots. The Millennial, now in his second year of post-collegiate real-lifing, for the umpteenth time, feels the time he spends on the ‘gram is “a little on the higher side.”