6: Track It

In the Love Yourz post, I concluded by saying that it’s important to create a sense of autonomy (and appreciation) over your own life and its opportunities. Now, I know this is easier said than done in a world where career and financial outcomes are often influenced by systems and powers beyond our control: treasuries…

5: Zimmerman

For this one, I’ll tell you a story. No explanations, no expositions — just one long-ish story. In my first job after coming back from the States, I worked for a big corporate in Kenya. In the first four months, a friend was gracious enough to host me in his single-room unit and we split…

4: Easy Come, Easy Go

In Gîkûyû we say kîa mwene kîrî ruo, which loosely translates to what belongs to the owner hurts. In other words, you feel it when what you’ve worked hard for goes to waste. Most of us learnt financial discipline from parents who valued the little they had because it literally took hours to make a hundred shillings, the equivalent of a dollar.

3: It’s Deeper Than the Check

When I read accounts of successful people, I never meet a soul that says they did it for the money. Oh yeah, I really wanted to outball my homies so I busted my ass inventing the fucking light bulb. Bruh, dat cheese tho, dat cheese.

2: On Inner Cavities

We hope to numb deep-rooted traumas with shallow things that money can buy. Tragically, the world of our hearts doesn’t work that way. The emptiness catches up with us. The cavities cave in.

#BookReview: The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon

When I have read biographies and auto-biographies of leaders, I’ve almost always admired –and mostly liked—the leaders; but when I recently read Brad Stone’s The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of the Amazon I tried, to no avail, to like the story’s protagonist: Jeff Bezos. Yet while it is easy to dislike Bezos,…

Finger on the Pulse — May 18

A lot has been happening in my life lately. Well, probably a lot has been happening in everyone’s life lately — but I can only speak expertly on my own life. One thing I have been thinking about in the past month is rhythm, the rhythm of life. What determines the beat that we dance…