The Blooming Pouis of Mona (Of Love, Poetry and Rejection)

Note: This piece was originally written and published in September 2015 as part of the Bloom Series on the Pen & Purple Rains blog. On Monday January 19th, after I had excitedly Instagrammed a photo captioned last first day of college, I made my way to my first poetry class at the University of the West Indies (UWI)…

Writing Obsessions: Avocados

Fast forward to 2018 and I work with a great team at Nova Pioneer, an educational startup changing the way education is done in Africa. The office feels like home and the team feels like family. I’ve shared the joy of avocados with the team more that six times now. A colleague asked why I don’t sell the avocados to them and I joked, “I am just giving samples like a drug dealer, and soon you’ll all be hooked and I’ll start charging.” And just like any good joke, there’s a kernel of truth in this joke.

Writing Obsessions: Cycling

On Sunday, I cycled my longest distance yet: 71 kilometers, from Kinoo to Ole Sereni via the Southern Bypass. It was one of the most exhilarating experiences. In the midst of the panting for air sprawled on the floor after the ride, I felt like impossible was just any other word. I felt like I could levitate.


  i woke up one morning no longer in control of my own life i could not leave the bed without swallowing a swig couldn’t work for an hour without stealing a sip then i chanced on the brewers waxing lyrical about how they were connecting the world yet their concoction left my body more…

Karura at Night

“JUST. DON’T. PANIC! If you panic, you make me panic—and how’re two panicked people going to help each other get out of here?” I screamt at Sheila with a mix of anger and fear in my tone. “OK, babe, I’ll try,” she responded with minuscule conviction. “But at least take this seriously.” “I am serious!…

Kindness and the City

This piece is a tapestry of fragmented thoughts and mini-stories I’ve been clutching to in my bulging head; I free them to the universe lest they force themselves out, pyrotechnically. Mostly, they concern kindness in a world where it is impossible to be kind enough.