Loving in Bytes (Fiction)

THAT WAS BEFORE every piece of our relationship went digital. Before our bond had to be converted into bits and bytes and carried over the thousands of miles of land, water and air separating us. No more weekends with his foolishly-cuddly ass. No more surprise visits. He’d be away a year before he visited for his summer vacation, and two years before he finished his MBA at Harvard. He’d said he was ready for it. Thought I was too. We never put my relocation on the cards; my tech startup was picking up steam.

An Open Letter to the Rastafarian Girl Sent Away from School in Kenya

We are a society that “respects rules” — rules that we were not even involved in creating; we are unmindful members of cultures of conformity that devalue our own identities. And this is what needs to change—and no new technology, no new constitution, no new institution will bring us that change. Instead, as a country and as individuals, we must interrogate ourselves—ask ourselves if we can only accept others only when they are like us.

Why I am Dropping Out of My Masters to Have Sex Full Time

Now, I know as a young African man from a little village in Kenya I am supposed to be on the saving end, not the fucking end (or worse, the talking end) of this campaign, but let’s face it: for a mission as worthy as this, we need to enlist as many fucking dicks and pussies as we can. I know some people might find this fairly radical, but I modestly propose that we even enlist non-human penises and vaginas or anything that takes such shapes (anything to save an African life!), on the condition that @DurexRED can manufacture condoms for them.

World Mental Health Day [Quick Reflection]

    I just learnt a few hours ago that today (10th of October) is World Mental Health Day. If I knew earlier, I’d have written a longer, more nuanced reflection but here we are.   As part social scientist, part storyteller, I encounter heartbreaking stories and realities almost every time I open a book…

Hopes and Fears at the Starting Line

But today, I want to reflect a little deeper on my hopes and fears for the year. I hope that by writing my hopes, I will dig deeper on my motivations and goals. I hope that by writing my fears, I will be vulnerable enough to acknowledge them and in so doing find ways to live with them and let others know they are not alone.

Finger on the Pulse—August/Sept 2018

The past two months have teemed with blatant contradictions. While the days have felt like the busiest ever, they have in fact been some of the lightest in my year. While I have traversed several nations on two continents, I have frequently felt like I was shutting the world within. While I have made plenty…

Measure What Matters [Guest Post]

By Solomon Tesfaye Reality is in the eye of the beholder. Certainly we have all heard the old adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but the expression can be extended further to posit that our evaluations of our existence are constructed by cognitive biases based on our own experiential history and…

Finger on the Pulse —June/July 2018

I started writing this piece on a Kenya Airways flight from Kigali to Nairobi. The sun had just set as the plane took off and millions of fireflies seemed to illuminate the city below. It had been a packed week in the land of a thousand hills that left little room for self-reflection and meditation…