About Muturi


Don’t try this, anywhere.


Following the bad example set by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Muturi sat down with Muturi–as no one considered Muturi a big enough deal to interview him. Over a (lonely) cup of uji, this is how the interview went down:

I’m good at…writing things that make people feel–happy, sad, angry, thoughtful, loved–and waking up early when working on things deem important. Also, I am extremely good at losing my socks.

I’m very bad at…Math, small talk, answering the “tell us about yourself” question.
 The last one explains why I decided to format this page as a specific Q & A.

I enjoy…anything that grips my attention and refuses to let it go. Like being lost in a book (see photo above), having deep conversations with loved ones, watching great comedy and travelling in beautiful places.

The last book l enjoyed was…Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

The most surprising thing that happened to me…. was meeting up with my boy Barack Obama aka Obizzy in Jamaica when I was studying there! He said, “Great to see you, Sir” as he shook my hand. I almost looked behind me to see the “Sir” he was addressing.

A common misconception of me is…that I am this extremely serious person that does not entertain nonsense. People always have this idea of me as a tough, stone-faced, have-it-all-figured-out guy until they really know me.

One of my worst childhood fears was…. not making my mother proud, especially by being second in class.

In another life, I’d have been…. an Asian elephant–big and powerful but gentle and humble.

If I were a politician….I would jolt out of that nightmare sweating and screaming at the horror of it!

The best age to be is….16. Because you think you have things figured out–and you believe it.

My greatest regret is…. losing a friendship I valued highly because I tried to act tough during a disagreement and never cared enough to look at my friend’s point of view.

Living person I most admire is…my grandfather for his wisdom, fairness and ambition–especially in circumstances that many would not be wise, fair and ambitious.

My greatest achievement is….fully sponsoring my mother to attend my university graduation ceremony in the US. When an achievement makes a 22-year old cry like a 22-month old, it is no mean achievement.

My favourite writer is…. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. If she wrote on a tabloid that retailed for 100 dollars and I made 200 dollars a month, I’d buy it.

My lowest point of misery is… when my Economics teacher said, “Somebody in this class got 100% yet another student in this class got 27%.” I didn’t get a 100% in that test. I still don’t have the mettle to describe the days that followed.

My greatest possession is… my mind, I think.

I started this Website because...It was about time! No, but really. I wanted a space to challenge myself to write more consistently and to use my talent to make another person’s day (or life) better. Sounds all mushy but it’s true.

On this Website, readers can expect….to feel and to have their beliefs challenged–and at times ridiculed through satire. They can also expect quality writing on things I care about: Africa, people, entrepreneurship and writing.

I would want to be known and remembered for…my enduring love for my mother and the integrity of my writing.




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