2: On Inner Cavities

The second part of that Bob Marley quote from the last post goes, “If it takes money for you to be happy, your search for happiness will never end. You’ll wander the desert of despair for forty years like the Israelites.” Fine, I made up the last sentence. Now, I know there’s a perpetual debate on whether you can buy happiness or not; I don’t intend to engage in that debate. What I know is that you cannot plug emptiness in your heart with material possessions.

We live in a world where we are not taught to truly love ourselves for who we are. Instead, our capitalistic society piles pressure on us to spend tons of money trying to make ourselves feel better about ourselves. We pour billions of dollars and hours into cosmetics, plastic surgeries, drugs, sex and social media chasing phantom ideas of beauty, satisfaction and happiness. When we’re heartbroken, we go on shoppings prees and drinking binges to numb the pain instead of digging out the actual problems. Instead of finding ways to mend fences with our estranged parents we hope to make so much money they will be devastated for having left us when they find out how much we be ballin. Instead of seeking help or working harder to connect with our partners, we go pay for easier sex elsewhere.

We hope to numb deep-rooted traumas with shallow things that money can buy. Tragically, the world of our hearts doesn’t work that way. The emptiness catches up with us. The cavities cave in. And when the cavities cave in, good people do unspeakable things to themselves and to others.

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