Media Mogul Debuts “Exposure” Cryptocurrency for Starving Creatives


LAGOS, NIGERIA. Pronouncing this as the era for starving millennial creatives in Africa to embrace the revolutionary blockchain technology to build their portfolios without getting paid in actual money, a prominent media mogul who faced the wrath of Africans on Twitter just months ago has now debuted the Exposure cryptocurrency. According to the mogul, who came under fire for failing to release payments for services rendered by writers, photographers and models to her media conglomerate, the Exposure crypto token (EXP) will “disrupt the value chain of minting millions off the free services of those dumbasses dumb enough to trust us.” While offering scanty technical details on how EXP would function, the mogul added that it will “unlock the potential in the millions of labourers that will work their butts off just to get on our platform and then miraculously forget that they have stomachs to feed.” Praising the “incredible power of EXP network to simultaneously decentralize the blame for the mess in the industry while centralizing the profits to people like us,” the mogul said that plans for an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the EXP token are in the offing. By press time, said mogul was preparing to go on live TV to offer unsolicited advice on how to make it as an entrepreneur despite the haters.

– Mharere Mkare, Founder and Editor of Habare Inc.

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