For the Millionth time, City Millennial Uninstalls Instagram for “The Last Time Ever” 

NAIROBI, KENYA. Saying it was about time the productivity train left the station, City Millennial seconds ago and for the “the last time ever” ditched Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app boasting billions of users and bots. The Millennial, now in his second year of post-collegiate real-lifing, for the umpteenth time, feels the time he spends on the ‘gram is “a little on the higher side.” Addiction to memes and selfies notwithstanding, the Millennial believes that this time things will be different, unlike the past million times when he has re-installed the app a few hours after uninstalling it for the “for real, this is the last time I’m doing this shit” time.
To celebrate his monumental, seconds-old decision to quit the “oppressive app” once and for all this time, said Millennial wrote on Facebook, Instagram’s parent, “It’d be a bad idea to throw my future down the drain of double taps and DMs, right?”
Credible sources tell Habare that the reason the Millennial couldn’t be reached for comment was that he was busy meditating to get himself ready to kick-start brainstorming on the introduction to a client’s project that was due ” just a few days ago.”

– Mharere Mkare, Founder and Editor of Habare Inc.



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  1. elijah94 says:

    I’ve missed this column. Cool stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey bro, thanks for stopping by. It’s been a minute. You’re in luck because I have a lot of Habare stories loading 🙂


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